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Most Frequent Questions

What is low-income?

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Scholars will typically come from families who have gross household incomes below $90,000. We consider the size of the family supported by the household income and additional information provided by the family when determining an applicant's eligibility.

Can I apply if I live and/or attend school outside the United States?

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No. At this time, the Middle School Scholars Program can only serve students who live in and attend school in the United States.

Can I attend the summer program if I am unable to attend the fall semester meetings?

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No. Middle School Scholars will need to attend both the summer and fall semester components of the program.

What is the attendance policy for the live course meetings?

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Participants are expected to attend and participate with their webcam on during the live course meetings. Read more about our attendance policy here

What are the academic qualifications required for the program?

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We will consider applications from students who have clearly demonstrated a motivation to learn and grow academically. However, we also recognize that not all students are in a personal situation where they can excel to their fullest potential. We will accept applications from students who have a B- average or above, and/or are showing an upward trajectory in their grades.

What is Stanford Online High School?

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A highly selective independent school for grades 7-12, Stanford Online High School (OHS) brings together students from around the U.S. and the world who seek a rigorous, challenging education designed to prepare them for college and beyond. Our students meet in live online courses, using a highly interactive virtual classroom. Unlike most schools, Stanford OHS offers full-time studies and different levels of enrollment; many of our over 900 students combine their regular school day with one course at Stanford OHS.

Will attending Stanford Middle School Scholars Program improve the chances of getting into Stanford Online High School?

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Scholars and families will have the opportunity to meet with Stanford OHS' Office of Admissions in the fall to learn more about the application process for Stanford OHS. The Admissions team will provide support and answer questions about applying to middle or high schools, summer programs, personal essay writing, and interview preparation that will be helpful in applying to Stanford OHS or any other private/independent school. While the Stanford OHS Admissions team works closely with Scholars and their families, the Stanford OHS admissions process is separate and independent from the Stanford Middle School Scholars Program. Participation in the Stanford Middle School Scholars Program does not guarantee admission into Stanford OHS.

What internet requirements are necessary for participating in the program?

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Participants should have a reliable broadband internet connection that is robust enough to handle video conferencing with minimal difficulties. Our program utilizes a video conferencing platform to create an interactive environment for students which includes having all students on camera, chat, videos, and presentations, all of which together create a high demand on each student's internet connection. The experience of the student and capabilities to participate in the online classroom are dependent on a reliable internet connection from where the student joins the web conferencing platform. If available, we highly recommend that participants use a wired ethernet connection instead of a wireless connection, which can be less stable.

How do I request technical equipment?

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Scholars may request technical equipment through the SMSSP Device Lending Program upon acceptance to the program.